Sasha wins best in show

Well the day started with breakfast, letting the dog out for a piss, then me powering up and having a coffee. So nothing unusual there. But today was a bit special as we were taking Sasha to the Holly Hedge fun day at Ashton Court. I made sandwiches, cheese for me, ham for Jamie (too much detail may be). Jamie has yet another cold, so gave him lots of pills. We ventured out and attached dog to seat belt restraints, she’s actually very good travelling in the car.

I must admit, I’m very proud of her. Ger behavior was impeccable, she only attempted to knock a couple of people out. We entered prettiest female and came nowhere. We also entered waggiest tail and came fourth. We then entered best rescue and won it! We were then entered for best in show and won that as well, which I was totally amazed by. Sasha was unfazed by the whole thing. We had a really nice day and it was good to support the charity.

Came back and tidied up the office. Moved the server and the pfSense box into the network cabinet after hoovering it out. Shoved a load of boxes into the loft. Set up the ‘Sam Knows’ box. That’s all pretty much sorted now. Did the firewall rules for the outgoing mail server. I think everything is now pretty much complete. Just converting some videos for my phone for the holidays. Drank too much wine already, bath must be beckoning.

Sasha with her trophy

Sasha winning best in show

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