Boiler man No.6

Started this morning far too early as Sasha had her induction at Pawstretchers doggy daycare. They had 59 dogs there, she failed to eat any of them, so she’s going back for a full day next Wednesday. That’ll get her out the way of the new cleaners anyway, so hopefully they will last more than a day. On the way back in the car I didn’t put her anti-reverse colour restraint-escape-device on, half way down the A38 she’s sat in the passenger seat staring at me.

Came back, did a couple of updates on the mobile game. Then gas man No.6 arrived. I was slightly disappointed as he wasn’t a tosser. He measured the place (not intimately, just worked out the volume) asked about loft and cavity wall insulation, looked at the tank. Then sat on his laptop for ten minutes making pointless small talk. To my surprise he was only a grand over priced. Mind you did quote for a smaller boiler than any one else. Then he made a couple of fatal mistakes….first was to say he’d give me the same discount that was available last month ‘if I signed up today’, hmmm. Second was to say that if a normal plumber did the electrics they wouldn’t be 17th addition approved and therefore wouldn’t get a part-p certificate but I could get it checked for about 300 quid. That bits horse-shit, and I bet half the British Gas engineers are only gas safe safe registered and not NICEIC approved, it’s questionable if pump overrun cables require part-p certification anyway.

So enough of bloody boiler men. I may just say fuck-it, spend 1500 quid on another holiday and just use some of Jamie’s blubber as a giant candle.

Then continued with getting GDB to work. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that for it to work it really has to be under Cygwin. I looked at a few other shells but they just didn’t work. So in the end I’m just working to get vs-android output everything in the correct place so I can launch a bash shell and call ndk-gdb. It ain’t pretty but it will certainly do for the time being and is better than what we have currently.

Went to gym. Ran for seventy seven minutes. That’s over a marathon distance already this week. It isn’t very interesting and the tread-mill keeps electrocuting me every time I touch it.

Finally got to the end of the Abu Dhabi GP. Not a bad one. Suppose it’s bed time now. May be have a banana first.

Oh, apparently my iPhone5 has been dispatched. That can sit in a box until I can be arsed to sort out a micro sim card for it.

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