Boiler man No.4 & No.5

So two more boiler men today. First one was nice enough but did want to remove half the pipes in the airing cupboard, including the main heating feed and expansion pipe, to me that seems somewhat pointless when you could just connect a hose to it and blast it.

Next one was this evening and arrived an hour late. He was a little bit ‘in your face’ and you felt like he was invading your personal space but I grew to like him. He knew what he was on about and did mention that the gas pipe was probably 22mm up to the cooker, that opens some interesting possibilities. I’ll need to yank the cooker out and take a gander or try and look through one of the air bricks under the house.

Had a quote back from No.3 and just now No.4. No.4 as I guessed would be a bit pricey if he wants to change half the pipework and do the dreaded power flush. No.3 however (which is Rob Sarah’s friend) came in with two very competitive quotes, which may be cheaper if the gas pipe checks out. I need to do the wiring for this one, but it saves a few hundred quid and I can get Paul to check it.

Anyway, enough about boilers….Spent the working day doing a few things on the mobile game and then trying to get GDB to work. After lots of buggering about I finally got it to do source debugging. I certainly need to do a lot more work on it though before it becomes useful.

Talking of bugger about, very good sex first thing this morning, even if it was with Jamie. It woke him up anyway, he even participated at times.

Walked the dog, another unexciting road tour today, it was very cold. She is going for her doggy day care induction tomorrow, so will see how many dogs and people she can attack.

Moved the server into the cabinet, connected up the printers two it and it’s all still currently working. Ordered a new case for it with integrated PSU, that should sort out the power up problem. Haven’t ordered the replacement pfSense stuff yet, will see how the week goes.

Went to gym. Ran for seventy six minutes. Now watching the Abu Dhabi GP, I may get through all of it by the end of the week.

Mr British Gas tomorrow, I’ll be very disappointed if he’s not a tosser.

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