Not a boiler man in sight

So today it was straight on with a couple of issues with the mobile game. Got those all sorted. Then it was back on to GDB and Android.

My iPhone5 arrived. It’s an iPhone, I won’t reach orgasm over it. It looks a bit big. I need to get a nano sim for it as it won’t activate without one.

Took the dog out, Jamie’s day off so he came as well, which didn’t work out well as there was a delivery while we were out.

Got a new quote from boiler man no.3, this was for the same boiler as boiler man no.6 but was £1600 cheaper. Okay, so I have to do my own electrics and get Paul to check it, but that’s not going to cost £1600. Haven’t had a quote from no.5 and no.1 has vanished since I basically mentioned he didn’t really seem to know what he was on about and wasn’t gas safe registered. Anyway, boiler man no.3 has been given the job, it will hopefully be done the beginning of December. I’m still waiting for a bathroom quote from the same man.

Made some good progress on the whole GDB thing. I can now compile in VC2010 and it produces all the correct files in all the correct places by using a vast amount of scripts. Only a couple of bits to solve now.

Went to gym, ran for seventy seven minutes. That’s around 45 miles this week.

Looked into balancing radiators, they could do with doing again before new boiler is fitted as they haven’t been done since all the insulation was added.

Anyway, Midsomer Murders now, followed by torture porn night.

And tomorrow I promise no more boiler talk.

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