Apparently the UK average annual wine consumption is 37 bottles per person. Jamie doesn’t drink it much, can I have his share?

This morning I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to take the dog to day care. I did however have to get up and answer the door for a wine delivery. This is just the Tesco cheap stuff, so it’ll be going to my sister’s, while I drink the good stuff.

Today, once again working on the mobile game update. Only a few bits more to do. I did add something really fun to it though….there’s nothing wrong with chopping peoples heads off. Managed to ignore certain people all day and also rant at a few others.

Walked the dog. Jamie had one of his LBF’s (little blue friends) round, where they played Nintendo and probably fapped a lot.

Went to the gym. Ran. Bought some crickets for the lizards. Filled the dishwasher and did some dishes. Cleaned some wine glasses.

Well, that was the excitement of my day, once again, nothing really interesting happened. I have a feeling something will do soon though.

It’s torture porn night, so wine and dodgy DVD with the dog later.

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