Apparently I do have morals

So got up far too early and took the dog to day care. She was very very excited about going, but was good as gold in the car. Came back and went back to bed.

Had a bad migraine earlier, it did pass but was making me really edgey. Did some work on the mobile game, but my head really wasn’t with it today. Did what I had to do and that was it. I’ll make it up at a later time.

Sarah came round to pick up the carpet cleaner, she’s already had my backup hoover. I think there is a cleaning takeover bid happening here…I’ll pack the dishwasher up ready:)

Went running lunchtime. Picked the dog up. She had a Christmas card and a new ball, which she will eat. That’s just one step away from the painting for the fridge door…..

Did a bit more work then went to the gym.

I was invited to a do in a weeks time, but I’ve decided not to go, although it would have no doubt been quite fun. I just can’t justify it morally. I feel I need to take a bit of a stand otherwise I’d be a hypocrite. Ho hum.

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