On TV last night, Alan Sugar said “I’ve done everything. I’ve seen everything.”, I suddenly thought, “I bet you haven’t done anal.”

So today was spent tweaking all the stuff I did yesterday which they didn’t like. That’s the games industry folks, lots of iterating stuff. Still the reviews keep coming in and all of them are positive. We even have fantastic ratings on the app store.

Walked the dog. Had a salad sandwich. Went to the gym, did pump.

Then started looking into an Android issue which Al is having. His Java VM keeps locking up and producing very weird errors. He’s managed to reproduce it using a command prompt and just running ant.bat debug. Whacking ctrl+c seems to make it go bang and start erroring. I thought it was leaving a JVM running somewhere, but couldn’t find any sign of a process. Looking through the build.xml though there are some interesting comments in there….Al pointed out he’s running JDK1.6, where as I’m running JDK1.7. Now looking in the build.xml file there is a section in there that reads the JDK version number and then forks the JVM if it’s below 1.7. This is what appears to be causing the issue. If I forced it to fork and then hammered ctrl+c, indeed on subsequent runs it gave me loads of Java errors. Opening a new command prompt made no difference. But then I found running ant.bat clean sorted the issue. So it appears to be forking the java app and then interrupting it is causing garbage in the output directories. Couple of solutions….upgrade the JDK or run ant.bat clean (I can probably force all that anyway).

Jamie has been dressing the dog in various scarfs and ties. The dog does not approve and keeps trying to bite them off. I said to Jamie, “Stange isn’t it they never attack their own collar, it must be just like wearing a watch.”. Jamie replies, “yes if they take it off they spend all day wondering where it is.” To which I quip, “and they can no longer tell the time.”. God I’m a comedian.

Must be bath time. Need to ring mother, better open some wine then.

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