Excuse me sir, do you mind removing your head

So Friday at last minute (and due to a post by my ex. husband’s husband) I ended up booking a cheap ticket down at the Bristol Hippodrome for ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was okay, ‘Wicked’ is far better, but the more annoying thing was that although I had a seat quite near the front in the stalls, in front was a giant bloke with a giant head. I spent the bulk of the time switching between looking one side of the other of it. Still not bad for thirteen quid.

Also I got my ‘birthday bus pass’ yesterday. Gives you free bus travel for the whole month, I like that.

So today I spent far too many hours charging up batteries and testing model helicopters. I’ve decided to sell the lot as they’ve just sat on a shelf for years gathering dust. They are quite cool, but harder to fly than the real thing (and yes I can fly the real thing). So I’m continuing to ‘eBay my life’. I have so much to get shot of and not really that long to do it in.

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