Thank you for finding my eight grand in your suspense account

So the weekend when I was doing the accounts I checked on my pension fund, I did an end of year payment back at the beginning of March. It was nowhere to be seen. I found the confirmation email so no it went through. Contacted Standard Life, to be fair they got back to me within a few working hours. Apparently it was in their ‘suspense account’ and will be applied as soon as possible I wrote back and said that it wasn’t really growing in a suspense account, I had a quick reply to say it would be backdated, we shall see.

In other news I’ve managed to get setup on the server and after buggering about with endless file permissions it’s produced a certificate. I need to play around with it a bit more as I’m not overlay happy at the moment, will have to probably run three cron’s, one for each web user and root to copy the certs to the correct place, will need to think on that one.

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