Brighton Rocks

So spent our anniversary and basically my belated birthday in Brighton. I even took Jamie. We took the train, which was actually a lot less painless than I was expecting. We arrived and got an Uber to our first lunch date. Had afternoon tea, which was very nice. We then walked back along the beach to the main part of town. Checked into our delightful boutique hotel. We had a very quirky room, it was a very quirky hotel. Managed to finish off what was rudely interrupted in the morning. Had a ver nice dinner. Had a cocktail at the bar. Next day we ventured around town, the hotel was basically within a stones throw of everything. Had a lovely day just milling around. Had sushi for lunch. Met up with one of Jamie’s Youtube people for a pint. Had another nice meal. Got back to the hotel and there was an eighties band playing. Jamie went off to bed. I stayed and had another pint. The guy next to me at the bar pulled out a twenty quid note and coke went everywhere. He then swept it all up and shot it up his nose. I pointed out that he had a bloody great white patch on said conk, he promptly wiped it off and spread on his gums. Band were good. Next day we had a nice breakfast and then milled back to the station. Train to Paddington was fine, then sat on a train for two hours as it was delayed by someone who decided they’d had enough of something and chucked themselves in front of another train on the main line. That train then decided it wanted to go to Penzance instead, so we got off and did a roundabout trip via Temple Meads. We walked home from Parkway. I had a bath. Nice weekend. Planted the palm tree yesterday, it hasn’t grown yet.

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