Hundred hours down

It’s been a fun weekend. Friday I ate too much no doubt. Saturday we went to a friends wedding. It was my birthday, but I have one of those every year. It was a beautiful ceremony, held at a village pond. We then had afternoon tea which was the most bloated I’d felt in a long time. We made friends with a couple over a few hours. We sat at the end of a long line of tables, we did well, as we ended up with pots of tea and plates of sandwiches between four of us. It was a truly lovely afternoon. In the evening we went for a meal, if we weren’t bloated enough already. Sunday I did make it up in time to go to combat, Jamie of course had been at work since 5AM. Walked Sasha. We then drove to Staverton. I took Jamie up in the R22 for a fun flight south down to the Severn bridge and then up the valley. Unfortunately it was a hell of a wind so he felt somewhat queazy at times. We had some fun turbulence, which in a helicopter is one hell of an experience, you basically hang from a fixed point and just let the wind do what it wants to do, if you fight it you will get ‘mast bumping’ and you will chop off your own tail boom, not good. Still, it was a fun flight and very pretty. The landing and taxiing was very challenging. James doesn’t let people out over 10 knots, it was 13 knots, but thought I could handle it. I’ve now knocked up just over one hundred hours in the air, twenty-five hours as pilot in command. It’s been fun, a really good challenge. I just hope that todays fun conditions haven’t put Jamie off for good. We drove home and then had a BBQ, even if the weather did somewhat deteriorate. Four days of work ahead and then off for a couple of days which I’m really looking forward to. Then it’s about six weeks and then off on holiday.

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