Racing driver by proxy

Spent the day mostly tweaking normals. It wasn’t very exciting. Tomorrow I’ll look at biasing, that won’t be very interesting either. Walked Sasha, by god was it fucking cold. Went for a run this evening, that was also fucking cold. Just watching a documentary I recorded over Christmas about child racing drivers, karters. And it’s exactly as I’ve seen in the past. Parents living their dreams through their children. I used to race for a bit of fun, we were quite good in our class. Gave it up after ten years as we were all getting too bloody old and too many twats with too much money being a pain in the ass and taking it all too seriously. What I find disturbing is the pressure eight and ten year olds are put under. They have virtually bugger all chance of progressing anywhere, why don’t they just enjoy it. Later in life they’ll work out all they have to look forward to is a long delay to death so may as well have a bit of fun along the way.

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