Room now confirmed – well I say room….

Finally got an email from the Hard Rock Hotel, confirming my reservation. It will be interesting as I have pay it on Euro on arrival, so lets keep an eye on that as it could bankrupt me. So now need to sort transfers, club reservations and restaurants. One for net week. Bad sleep pattern again today/last night. Very restless, was up at 4AM. Didn’t get to rest again until about 9AM. Didn’t get up until midday. Started on the diy, been sometime since I’ve looked at that. Did an hour and then took Sasha out for a couple of hours. Tried to do a home check but they were unavailable. Got on with the sanding, They called me back and I popped over there early evening. So half the sanding is now done, I’ve made a good job of that wall. Again, perhaps I should be revising coding techniques that I’ve never used, but fuck it, I’ve been doing it for thirty years, they either like me or they don’t. Everything is now covered in dust. Had a bath. It’s going to be a fun week ahead.

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