One rung up a very long ladder

Woke up in the spare room, then realised I was actually in there by choice as Jamie was on one of his stupidly early shifts. I’ve got quite used to sleeping in there now and it actually works quite well for both of us. There is nothing wrong with our relationship at all, but if we wake each other up at odd times of the night it really isn’t great, so we have a bit of an arrangement that if he needs to be up in the middle of the night and I haven’t finished watching David Dickinson then I sleep in the spare room. He snores like a train and I pee like a hosepipe, it works, we’ve been together so long that we can accept this. It just makes us appreciate the time we do spend together in bed a bit more.

So anyway, after I transported back to the main bedroom I didn’t get up until late it must be said. Walked Sasha, it was raining, quite annoying, but we still managed a good two hours. Are little route through the industrial estate has been blocked off, quite annoying.

Came back, Jamie was now home after completing an eight hour shift. I started on sealing the marble in the bathroom, needs to be done once a year. Took me over two hours to clean it all and finally seal it. It’s all a bit nasty, really the sink needs replacing, toothpaste is an awful acid.

Then got on with sanding the bedroom walls. All ready for a general sanding and then applying a mist coat. Ready for the main painting then.

Sat down and did the accounts. Got an email. ‘Good news’. Apparently I’m not as shit as I think I am. More telephone conversations next week. Lets see where it all leads to.

I did have a thought though. If none of it goes anywhere. I’ve decided what I’m going to do, and it has fuck all to do with programming or computers. I’m going to buy a house, yes another one.

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