“You’ve brought the wrong slippers”

Its been a weird few days. This morning I just wasn’t with it. I wasn’t hung over or anything but my leg was killing and I had to take my own bodyweight in ibuprofen. I picked up my sister and went to mothers house. We picked up a few bits and then went to the hospital. We were told that she was already in surgery. So we dropped her stuff off in her room and had a coffee. I then spent the next four hours on the couch watching shite TV in a sort of surreal mood. Half four came along and we did some ‘car shunting’ and moved mothers car back to her house. We then went to the hospital and she was back in her room. It really was night and day to how she was the night before. No pain, and moaning and demanding shit, so basically she was back to normal. She was throwing up a little bit, but I think it was down to the anaesthetic. She was in great spirits. The NHS have been absolutely magnificent. I’m seriously pleased with how my excessive tax payments have been spent. She’ll be fine. She’ll be in there for over a week, she’s in great hands. Over the past twenty-four hours I’ve met countless NHS staff, every single one has been magnificent and smiling. And I bet I earn more in an hour than they do in a day. I feel very humbled and a tad embarrassed. You are all wonderful, and I salute you.

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