Well that was a hell of a long day

So this morning started with the usual coffee. Read the paper and then went to Physio. Have some new exercises to do. She also put ultrasound pulses into my muscle and massaged it a lot. I then went to pick up my nephew. Who was still in bed. Drove to Staverton. We actually got out pretty much on time. Flew Daniel for half an hour, he enjoyed it. Drove back. Walked Sasha. Did the accounts. Started to get ready for the brother-in-laws 50th birthday party. Had a call from my sister to say mother had had an accident. Drove down to venue. She was on the floor being treated by two paramedics. After about an hour they got her in the ambulance and told me ‘not to hurry as it will take ages’. I had a swift half and then drove to Southmead. This is a paste from the FaceBook feed, I’m not going to type it twice:

Mum’s doing fine. I left her in Southmead a couple of hours ago. She was beginning to ramble a bit from the morphine. They dosed her up with a ring block and made her comfortable. If I sat there I think she would have just tried to stay awake and ramble all night.
I’m well impressed with everybody at the hospital.
Now I’ve been very silent about this whole EU thing (unless you read my blog posts), but mum was helped by a Hungarian Doctor who gave her an ultrasound and injected the ring block, a Spanish surgeon who went through the operation with her and a Polish anaesthetist who made her comfortable. All of these people worked together with other English Doctors and nurses. And I’m very grateful to all of them.
She was taken by ambulance to Southmead. By the time I got there she was already in a cubical having blood tests taken. Within minutes she was taken for X-rays, and then may be only ten minutes later the Doctor appeared. Her X-ray was brought up on screen and he said she had broken her hip. He said he would call the orthopaedic surgeons but they wouldn’t be there until the morning. They arrived in literally three minutes, went through the operation and did all the paperwork. She was then moved to a very nice single room, with a telly, a call button and no wi-fi. This whole process probably took less than three hours.
I think she’s in the best hands possible and there’s not a great deal I can do other than get her make-remover and hair brush, which is all she requested.
And her last words to me before she dropped off, “Tell Sheila I won’t be able to take her shopping on Tuesday”.
So to all those who voted ‘Brexit’, when your mum has a fall and busts her hip, who the fuck is going to fix it?

I drove back to the venue to consume a couple of pints and eat cupcakes.

It’s been a hell of a long day.

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