“Rain drops keep falling on my head”

I knew this week would be somewhat crap. Work was basically a pain, with no decisions being taken. I was too and fro doing other things. Managed to walk Sasha for an hour. Drove to hospital again. Mother was just taking some laxatives, the nurse said they would ‘take about an hour’ to kick in, I set my watch. She is getting the feeling back in her leg now. They have had her out of bed and sitting. Her moaning is back to normal. They delivered a perfectly nice looking dinner of pasta and quorn, she moaned about it. I left her after an hour due to impending bowel movement. I drove into town. Now due to my dodgy leg and a lot of traffic going to the car park I managed to overheat the clutch and it now stinks like hell. Walked the short distance to the Colston Hall. I took my single seat between multiple sets of octogenarians. There was a warm up piano player / singer bloke for about five songs. There was then a twenty minute interval while the oldies emptied their colostomy bags, I managed to hold out. Then Burt came on. He did a great hour and a half set including all the classics and a few less well known songs. He talked to the audience a few times, he is very frail. He had his son there as well playing piano. He was accompanied by three great backing singers and some fantastic musicians. He sang ‘Alfie’ himself which was very sweet. He also talked about his ‘starring roles’ in the ‘Austin Powers’ movies. His final encore was a singalong to ‘Rain drops keep falling on my head’. I got back to the car and it still stank. All seems to work though, I think I just reduced the clutch life somewhat. I did enjoy that, over the events of the last few days it was a nice break. Although I think there is some major fallout about to happen, I’m not sure which side of it I’m going to come out on.

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