Today I felt a part of me died inside

So I stayed up. Well I think I did. I think I fell asleep at 4AM and woke up again at 5AM to find it all over. ‘Leave’ had won, by a very small majority. I went to bed.

So this morning I woke up feeling like I’d really lost something dear. I was in a fucking bad mood, something that happened at woke didn’t make it any better, I have a feeling I may be doing my own ‘brexit’ there soon if someone doesn’t get their ass in gear.

We are now on a voyage of complete uncertainty. I just hope that the soon to be ex prime minister puts a fantastic team in place to negotiate everything. It will be interesting times. I can see the whole of Europe going into a panic and maybe others will leave, maybe the EU will collapse as a whole. But it’s going to be a nasty divorce for sure, it’s not just going to be a fight over who gets custody of the Denby cups.

It could have been saved. We could have had a very close call which would have sent a panic to the EU but we could have then worked with them to help everybody.

But no.

Some cunt in a housing estate on benefits with nineteen kids and a GCSE in fag rolling decided that he didn’t like the fact that the guy who unblocked his toilet was Polish.

The world will continue to rotate, but I feel we are just a very small island again.

One thought on “Today I felt a part of me died inside

  1. Well said. Very worrying times. Connors and his friends feel they have been fucked over by the older generation. It’s the young ones who this will affect and their kids.

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