Two and a half hours I walked the dog and all the bloody servers were down

Started this morning very early. Needed to fire off the bowels. It worked. Anyway, I was at the hospital twenty minutes early, annoyingly they had my old address, for reasons I’m not going into at this point, it was somewhat annoying. Anyway, I saw the specialist, who said I’d either had a slipped disc or some sort of spinal problem. It was unlikely it would require an operation. He said I needed a standing X-ray and an MRI. Whoopee doo. So what I’ve been requesting for ages now has to go back to the insurance company to authorise. Visited mother and picker up her loo frame thing. Then went back to her place and helped finish off the shower and tidy up. Left there and came back home. Had a bit of a nap and then lunch. Walked Sasha for about two and a half hours, all that bloody time the Pokemon Go servers were out, very annoying. Having an early night I think, busy day tomorrow.

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