To Padstow and beyond, okay Salcombe

So drove up to Gloucester and met my fellow aviators. We set off at about 11:30, I was in the back of a R44 for the first leg down to Newquay. We had two 44’s and a 22. That took about an hour and a half, the 22 was nowhere to be seen but we flew in formation with the other 44, I got some great photos. We refuelled at Newquay, then down to weight reasons I flew the next short leg from Newquay down to Padstow. We landed there and then walked into town. Had lunch at Rick Stein’s bistro, had the John Dory which was delicious. Then walked back to the aircraft, flew across the country to Salcombe, we couldn’t go to the island we wanted due to sea fog. We landed at a small grass airstrip and walked to a very nice little tea shop on a walking trail. Had tea. Then we took off again. Ben and I flew to Exeter to refuel. We then did the final ninety miles back to Gloucester. In the end I flew almost three hours in the R22, cost a fortune. Had a beer. Had a bath, went to bed, very tiring but fun day.

Today was very hot. Got well stuck into work. Walked Sasha, walked to gym, did Combat, caught some Pokemon.

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