So that’s Glastonbury finished

Got really stuck into work today. You see, when I have a task that I can get stuck into with no disturbances I no longer want to kill myself. First thing this morning though I was somewhat ‘surprised’ by an interview I had to conduct at very short notice, the coffee hadn’t even kicked in. Very nice chap. We got talking about about the Crystal Maze stuff I did (references to Japan), he said that his 14yo self wanted to thank me. God that made me feel old. Weather is a bit crap. Walked Sasha, picked up some Pokemon, walked to gym, picked up some more. Took my ibuprofen at the correct point today and I must admit ‘Pump’ was pretty much like normal. Off to see the specialist tomorrow, which is typical as it’s now getting a lot better. Then tidy up mothers place, she’s out on Sunday, she’ll very much be on her own and me and my sister are both away.

Also finally got to the end of Glastonbury. That’s every band listened to on six stages over three days. It took three weeks to listen to it all. Beats going there. I really don’t do the camping thing.

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