Then Jamie broke the door

So had a nice quiet night until about 5AM when I got up for a piss. That was fine, but Jamie with his plague was making more noise than club night at Liv. I reconvened in the spare room, which wasn’t great as the sun was rising so it was almost daylight in there. Still, managed to get some sleep. Went back to the main bedroom after he’d left for work. I had breakfast and coffee quite late. At bout midday there was a constant nice from the front door, I’m not sure what he did but basically the front door lock was now fucked. You could no longer close it without the key in it. I then spent the next hour stripping the mechanism down and cleaning it all out. It all works now, but I’ve ordered a new lock barrel as thats very much on the way out. It’s interesting to see that you can still get parts for Coldseal about fifteen years after they went under. Spent the bulk of the rest of the day in the front garden. Must have spent five hours out there in making heat. Felt like I’d chopped down the whole of Endor. Then walked the dos for two and a half hours. Had a bath. Now curry time.

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