The car goes vroom again

So started vaguely on time. New guy started today, he hasn’t said much or left yet, so take that as a good thing. Mother picked me up so I could collect a new car battery from down the road. She enjoyed talking about how much other people spend on their shopping and how she had no money to spend on it. I’m sure that by getting a lift I will be indebted for life for something or another.

Worked until about 2PM then took Sasha out, beautiful hot day. Then worked through until early evening. I didn’t do Combat tonight as I think Laverne would have shouted at me. I’m still doing my stretches. Fitted the car battery. I was quite impressed with ‘Tracker’ they called the house phone within one minute of the battery being disconnected and my mobile within two minutes. Went for a nice walk this evening, came back and finished off a book. I’ll have an early night I think. Still need to sort that damn SSL certificate.

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