10.2 volts is not going to crank your engine

So this morning started with all good intentions at 7:30AM. By 8:45 I was up and in the car. By 8:46 I had a problem. Pushing the start button on the car yielded very little, flat battery. I then phoned the Physio Clinic and left a message. Then with a bad leg I ran to the gym and got there at 9:20.

She had a good number of questions and had a good feel around. I think this is probably the only acceptable environment that a man and a lady of similar age can share a small room with a bed in it while wearing speedos. She found that my left groin was certainly far more solid than my right groin, also that I had an old hamstring injury that had torn a muscle so big that she could put her finger in it. Apparently I have torn a muscle somewhere that I can’t pronounce and that it has failed to heal properly. She then proceeded to pummel the said area into submission until it was boiling hot and throbbing. I’ve been given some new stretching exercises and an appointment at the same time next week.

I walked home and put the car battery on charge. I walked to the community festival which was shite. I then walked the dog. Then finally caught up with four weeks of paperwork. Put the charged battery back in the car and it was fucked. Put a meter on it and it read 10.2 volts, so that’s as dead as anything. Had a bath. Now time to eat. May do some gardening tomorrow as I certainly won’t be driving anywhere.

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