The queue for death was far too long, mostly populated by the living

Had a nice lie in. Jamie got up in the middle of the night and went to work. Dillon replaced him on the bed. At about half ten Sasha was getting really edgy about food. So breakfast was made for three, the dogs skipped the coffee option. Sat in bed and read the paper. Looked at the weather at Staverton, wind was okay, but there was a tempo about gusts up to twenty-eight knots, so thats a bit of a no-go. Got up and edited a new helicopter video, thats uploaded to YouTube now and just needs the annotations doing, I’ll make it live tomorrow. While it was doing that I took the firewall apart and set it up on the bench. Put the memory test USB stick in and let that run through. Walked Sasha. Then headed into town. Thought I’d pop into the museum and catch the new ‘Death’ exhibit, but the queue was massive. I did get to see the mockup of the ‘Dignitas’ room though, that was a bit creepy, but I think mother would be happy there. Will try again in a few weeks for the other exhibit. I have a feeling the wind at Staverton will not be gusty, but it’s saved me a few quid I guess. Bought some more model cars for my stop-motion video intro and some poo bags. Memory test was fine. So installed a new version (latest) of pfSense. This is running from a USB stick. The odd thing was, when it booted, it started reporting DMA and config errors, it appears it was still picking up stuff from the CF card. I removed that and it all started working. So now I’m running the latest pfSense, but booting it from a USB stick. I’ve taken the timer off the power cable, so will see how stable this version is. So far, so good.

Must say a thank you to a special person who sent me a valued message today, much appreciated, even though I know you have your own problems to deal with. Much love.

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