Farewell Sir Terry

It was with sad news this morning I heard that Sir Terry Wogan had passed. He was old when I was young, and he was older now that I’m old. Okay, when I was a kid he was a bit of a joke, thought of as a bit of an Irish tosser who did the floral dance. But as I grew older he was always there and certainly in recent years he was there during the Sunday morning decorating. He had a distinct style, especially when interviewing, you had the feeling he really could’t give a shit about the answers that 95% of his guests gave. Michael Parkinson is similar, he would ask a question and then say ‘yes’, as if the answer was just an inconvenience to the next question. Don’t get me started on talk show hosts or we would be here all day. But it was his radio show where he was king. I was never awake for his breakfast show, but the Sunday show was a staple. He was a stalwart of Radio 2. You always got the feeling that he was only presenting to one listener, you. His Janet and John stories were so rude and full of double-entendres that you were pissing yourself laughing. His Eurovision commentaries were legendary. Also lets not forget that he did twenty odd years of ‘Children In Need’, plus the added controversy that he was the only one who got paid for his appearance. But it was his one appearance on ‘Never mind the Buzzcocks’ that was the epitome to me. No rehearsal, and I’m bloody sure he’d never even seen the show before, but he absolutely nailed it.

He’ll be up there interviewing David Bowie and Alan Rickman now, ignoring their answers and trying to get another Alison Moyet record on. Sundays with Emily will never be the same again.

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