Congrats you put the oven on to pre-heat, and only turned the light on

Started early, which was impressive as I didn’t go to bed until four and I’d drank almost three bottles of wine. Spent all day again testing crap, no end of issues with build tools. Weather was shite, walked Sasha at the only point it wasn’t raining. Worked really hard, got really stressed, had lots of chest pains. At one point I was planning on going to A&E, but subsided after I called the tools programmers complete cunts. Walked to the gym, it was threatening rain. Did Pump, followed by Laverne, it’s true we are having a torrid affair, once you’ve gone black there’s no going back. Walked home, in the pissing rain. Worked more hours than I was planning. Put the washing away. Now waiting for pizza to cook, joys of ovens with more than one button.

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