Start the new year with a bang, or a tax return

So much joy was had by all last night, even if we didn’t end up that many people. We had quite a bit of food left over and seemed to gain more booze than we started with. It was all dancing and inappropriate fondling up until midnight and then after the London fireworks at midnight it was karaoke time. That finished with guests at just gone 2AM and we carried on singing until gone 4AM in the end.

Didn’t exactly get up with a shot, more of getup midday. No hangover for me, don’t do that kind of thing, plus apart from a couple of shots I stuck to larger all night. So this afternoon mainly was a clean and tidy up operation, which was all complete with everything packed away by 4PM. I then sat down and did the end of year accounts, all the filing and finally submitted my tax return. I logged into the HRMC site and it said ‘last time you logged in was 2nd January’, I’m glad we have these annual meetings. So that’s all done now. New wall planner is up, ‘Dan & Phil’ calendar is up. Just waiting for a bit of accounts paperwork so I can finalises a savings transfer, oh the joys. Pizza ordered. We still can’t work out what hotel to stay in in Miami.

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