To vlog or blog that is the question

Started quite early considering it was a Saturday. Picked up the dogs, they were gone for two nights, but were still very happy to see me. Came back and edited the NYE party video. (The video is uploaded but only available to the attendees). Then went to Tesco and bought food for the week, reminded me bout why I have it delivered now. Went into town and bought nothing except sand and crickets for the lizards. Jamie is still sorting the holiday out. So now we have a new hotel booked for Miami, we are ditching the car there as it costs a bloody fortune to park. Booked the internal flight. Now I’m debating about weather to vlog it again (make a video per day) like we did for the ‘Great USA road trip’ or just to do written blogs, the videos were great fun. Thinking of just doing them on the GoPro with quick jump cuts per day, opinions? Lots of work to do between now and then though. Did the washing. Slowly returning to the normal humdrum of reality. It’s very dull and somewhat depressing, the weather certainly doesn’t help.

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