Pokemon Go

I must admit I haven’t had a bad day. Cracked on with an SDK update and then spent the afternoon doing something quite challenging and interesting. I won’t describe what it was, only about ten people in the world would have a clue, and nine of those wouldn’t be interested. Installed ‘Pokemon Go’ game/app thing. Walked miles, got one. I didn’t realise that the app was awful and did weird locking up. In the evening I went out with Jamie and reset the bloody thing, it started working again then. I’ve got about thirty Pokemon now. I’ll take it out when I walk Sasha again tomorrow.

Oh, mother is being discharged on Sunday. Both Sarah and I are out so she’ll have to walk from the hospital to home, it only takes me about twenty minutes to get that far, so should take her about half hour.

Also we got the invite to Jamie’s dad’s sixtieth birthday bash. It’s in Nice. In February. I’m cutting my toenails that week.

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