So I have sciatica then

Can’t really complain at the start of the day, all sort of went according to plan. Walked Sasha, nice day today. Soon it was time for my ‘video appointment’ with the private doctor. He was some Indian chap who couldn’t be arsed to wear a tie. I went through all my symptoms and how it all started and he diagnosed me with sciatica, which after researching it makes a lot of sense, with the initial numbness and stuff. Oddly the NHS doctor I saw a while ago never mentioned this at all. I was told it could take up to a year to heal. But my concern is there is no improvement whatsoever in the past three months and if I wait twelve and nothings improved then it could be something more serious. So he’s referring me to a specialist and I will have an MRI done etc. I’ve been paying private medical insurance for years and never made a claim, it’s going to cost me forty quid excess, I’ll live with the loss. If I get a scan and it is just nerve damage then I know how to tackle it, basically ignore it. There’s no damage to the underlying muscle and it really is all just in the mind. Physio is pointless, so I’ll discontinue that. Went out for a walk this evening. Came back and did the very gay thing of watching the football. Wales really did hold their own during the first half and I think were the better side. But now in the second half, two goals down in ten minutes. I think it’s all over.

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