I was going to see a specialist and now I’m not

So I eventually got a call from the surgical people and they got me an appointment next Wednesday to see a specialist. Half hour later the specialist’s secretary rang me direct and said the specialist was a knee specialist so knew bugger all about my condition. I rang the surgical people, they then rang the secretary, and canceled the appointment. They are going to refer me to a back specialist. I really don’t give a shit as I want an MRI. I just have a feeling that I’m never actually going to get one. Work was a complete ass today, complete ass. Walked Sasha until the point just up the road where she darted clean in front of me, directly at my leg, knocking me over in great pain. She got a severe whack and had to be dragged back home. Went out with Shaun in the evening to spend a shit load of money on mothers shower. Came back and did more work. I’m now sat on the couch unable to move.

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