So I have booked a video conference with a specialist (apparently)

This morning was better than yesterday, a little bit anyway. I managed to finally log into my Vitality health thing and after contacting user support managed to log into the GP app. The problem was I had ‘at’ signs in my password and the app didn’t support that. Anyway, I have a video appointment with a GP bloke tomorrow. I want to get some scans done, so he better refer me or I’ll start creating hell via a backdoor method. Walked Sasha. This evening I walked to the hospital to see mother. Her swelling has gone done, I think she’s actually doing better than she makes out, but isn’t putting a great effort in. She’s moaning about her room, she has the only single room on the ward, she also has an absolutely cracking view. No one else has a TV or private toilet either. Walked home. Ate salad.

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