Security detail

Started this morning with the usual coffee and cereal. I was planning on resting my leg somewhat but that didn’t happen. Due to an insurance issue I had to fit a five lever mortice lock to the office door, this took around two hours in which I managed to shove a chisel through my hand and a screwdriver through my thumb, still, lock is now working. Then we went over to Virgin at Cribs and then I came back and fitted a third lock to the patio door. Finally got out into the garage and built my new bike. Rides nicely, the seat is more of a decoration than anything else, you certainly wouldn’t want to sit on it. Jamie said it’s all a bit low, it’s a fucking BMX, it’s designed for a twelve year old. Had a bath and cooked dinner, curry. Leg still hurts a lot, not sure if it will ever get better unless I rest it completely and there isn’t any chance of that happening. Mother asked if I can spare any time to fix her shed, I don’t even have any time to fix my own gutters that have more grass in them than my garden.

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