Don’t try and do a manual when you’re 44 and not wearing a brain bucket

Work was okay, I spent a lot of the day syncing and building code for a project I’m not directly involved with. Got to work on my fun stuff as well. Managed to take Sasha out during a nice sunny moment. Rode bike to gym, thought I’d pull off a manual going down the road. Now the last time I pulled one of these I was actually probably heavier, but probably twenty years younger with better balance. I failed to bail out in time and ended up on my back and whacked head on floor, bike went flying. Must remember that a modern BMX is about half the weight of an old one. Still, it was a learning experience. Incidentally it was on a dirt track so it hurt my ego more than anything else. Continued to gym and did Combat. It was very busy, word must have got out that Laverne wasn’t doing it. Rode home, actually it only took twelve minutes each way, so very efficient. Did more work, ate salad. Also visited the Physio this morning, I’ve apparently pulled a tendon, so have to do some weird stretches and everything should then hopefully settle down. If not my groin will fall off. Also on getting home I managed to whack the front of my head on the bedroom door. So that’s pretty much every part of my body damaged in one day. Ordered a brain bucket, I think I’ll wear it permanently.

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