I didn’t understand a word you said but the service was great

So today started with the usual ideal weekend setup, I had coffee and cereal, read the paper. Didn’t get up until far too late. We walked the dogs, had lunch and then headed out. Walked into town, did the usuals, popped into ‘Forbidden Planet’, whinged at the exchange rate for the dollar at the postoffice, went through T.K.Maxx and bought things we didn’t need. I stopped off at Toolstation to get a five lever mortice lock for my office door as it’s now a ‘requirement’. I’m tempted to installed full recorded CCTV on the house due to a spate of burglaries in the area, and I’m paranoid. Priced it all up, will install next week. Popped into B&Q, everything is on sale, but it’s still cheaper on Amazon. Looked at my new bike, very pretty, can’t do shit as my leg is still bust. We had a lovely meal this evening at the Aztec Hotel, proper poncy. Got served by a lovey Chinese lady, didn’t understand a word she said all evening, but she was very attentive so got a twenty quid tip, which apparently ‘made her day’, well that’s what I translated it to anyway. Walked home, Jamie was quite pissed and played Modanna very loudly from his phone. Busy day tomorrow, locks to fit, bikes to build.

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