I’ve spilled fajita sauce down my t-shirt, it needs to last until Friday

Started this morning how I love to start weekends, in bed. Disappointed that Jamie on his weekend off had to getup to meet his friend Pete at the station. We rarely get to spend any time together in bed when both of us are vaguely awake. I had breakfast in bed, okay, it cost me three quid for Jamie’s bus fair, but it was nice anyway. Read the paper, then spent a good half hour evolving Pokemon. Weather was bloody awful. So the day I get off I have to literally stay in, which is annoying. Managed to walked Sasha and it wasn’t too bad. Dropped mothers shopping off, warned her that I’m pretty much away next weekend so she’ll have to survive off her weight watchers cottage pies and five billion yogurts, if she’s remotely peckish then she can always tucked into the family pack of custard creams. Walked round for a bit but the weather was truly atrocious. Spent the next few hours editing Laverne’s flight video. I’m really behind on the video front, so I guess it was nice to spend time doing this. Dropped Pete back at the station. Did the accounts and had a bath. Off to the mother-in-laws tomorrow, it’s her birthday, glad to see Jamie has got her a card – not.

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