Five for poncy tea, just able to stay awake

Started this morning with Jamie presenting me with stewed tea rather than coffee as the machine needed emptying. Tea got poured away, coffee machine got fixed. Only had one cup. He vanished to Tesco’s to get his mother a card. I got up and then walked Sasha for a couple of hours. Got back and then drove out towards Yatton. We actually arrived on time which was a miracle. We then had a very poncy afternoon tea, which was all good. Tea from proper little pots, finger sandwiches, scones etc. The problem was it was three in the afternoon, the body naturally likes to die at this time. It reminded me somewhat of when Martin and I used to go for one drink on a Thursday lunchtime and then couldn’t stay awake in the afternoon. Managed to get through it without nodding off. It was slightly embarrassing that I had to tell the father-in-law that I couldn’t take him up in the R22 due to the seat weight limit, but hey if it works for a target for you then have it as an open invitation, it will be a pleasure to fly you. Almost fell asleep on the way home, had to have a strong coffee. Weather was back to being awful so edited a couple more videos.

Tomorrow may be a strange day, my thoughts and hopes are with you Ally.

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