And this is to a fishy boot (insider joke)

What the fuck is she going to do with all that bloody orange juice? I mean, I bought her two litres of the double concentrate stuff a couple of weeks ago. I reckon she must have the worlds biggest yeast infection with all that yogurt and some sort of weird drink problem. She keeps saying, ‘Oh I only eat weight watchers meals because I’ll get fat’. No love, it’s not the ready meals that make you fat, it’s the fact you live on your own and can get through a family pack of custard creams on a weekly basis that makes you fat.

Work was challenging, I went through my usual hourly mood swings of euphoria and depression. I ended up speaking to an artist which is never a good thing.

Rain all morning, walked Sasha very late in the afternoon, nice and sunny then. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home, caught some more Pokemon. Worked far too late. Looking forward to death, pretty standard week really.

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