It must be the month of financial institutions to annoy me

It’s my birthday. Yay. So started work early. Was working on a bug which really was someone else’s, but can appreciated that they would never get to it in a million years, so I needed up fixing it. Which pleased an artist, I must be in a good mood. Nipped out and got another Geocache, then walked Sasha. Okay, I had a two and a half hour lunch break, but I’d already made up the time this week anyway. My new iPhone arrived, very nice, except it turned up with an iPhone 6 accessary kit, not an SE one. Rang up Barclays, as my iMac should have been interest free until September. Spoke to an Indian call centre, after about ten minutes he passed me to an English one, she was very apologetic, they better not fuck it up. Walked to gym, did Pump. Came home and worked more bloody overtime. I’m now having a very very fattening pizza and some beer, I’m going to enjoy it.

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