A lot of things have been updated, the carpet isn’t one of them

So Saturday morning I decided, that as Jamie was working all weekend, that I would take mother out. Okay, technically she would be taking me out as she was driving, but I was going to pay for it all. So I gave her a call and all was sorted. I had the usual breakfast with the dogs, coffee and cereal, then fixed the heating mid-position valve. I then walked Sasha for ages, had a light lunch and went into town. Failed to buy anyway and came home. Had a shower and off we went. Bingo had been somewhat updated a bit, there were now ninety year olds with tablets rather than paper tickets, all they had to do was prod the screen when a number was called. Whats the point in that? Surely the fun is stamping your ticket with a ver leaky marker pen. We failed to win anything. We then went to the Indian and were greeted as if we’d been in there the day before. Nothing had changed, including the carpet. But apparently renovations were in the pipeline and everything was being revamped. Still, the food was good as normal. So why did I suddenly decided it would be a great idea to take mother out? Well, she’s seventy-eight, no spring chicken, and I think I’ve got to the point now where I look at it like this: We had a good night out, if we don’t have another one then I can look back at it and say we enjoyed it. She probably isn’t long for this world, so take each curry year by year. It was a good night, I can’t complain at all. When I got home, Jamie was fast asleep. I curled up beside him, knowing that I’d actually done some good karma for once.

So today I really needed to physically relax. My left ball and groin is hurting like fuck, I’ve strained something (don’t worry folks, I spent a good hour in the bath this evening checking for lumps and bumps and I’m vary familiar with my own balls). So I only walked Sasha for two hours. I’ve spent the day doing a trailer for our new vlog series on YouTube for our upcoming holiday. Yes, I spent another sixty quid on FCPX plug-ins, but I really enjoy video editing, I find it very relaxing.

The other thing I did today was setup my new iPhone 6SE. All good. I really like it. I had to do a sim swap, it said, “Will take up to 48 hours”. It took nine seconds. So now my old HTC One-M8 has been consigned to the drawer of dead phones, I never really liked the bloody thing anyway. It was enormous and ugly. The 6 SE is the size of a 5. Plus it does everything I want and I know how to use it. Sorry Android, I know you are for the greater good, but as far as usability is concerned, Apple has you nailed. It’s on a two year contract, lets see where we are in 2018…..

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