So I’m going back to an iPhone

After years of basically getting pissed off trying to get an Android phone to work, or even make a bloody call, I decided to go back to an iPhone. So today I ordered a new iPhone 6SE. I’m sure I’ll get pissed off with it in a week, but it can’t be any more annoying than my HTC M8, plus its half the size. I also bought myself a birthday present, after all, what a forty-four year old needs is a 20 inch bike to get to the gym on, plus it was a good price. I still can’t understand what Standard Life have managed to do, but as it looks like it’s fairly set in stone I’m not going to complain about it too much.

Just started work and I got an email about a Geocache 0.6 miles away, I downed my coffee and headed straight out, I got it within thirty minutes of it being published, and was ‘first to find’. Weather was nice but chilly. Walked Sasha and went out for a run this evening.

I need to repair the heating and the coffee machine this weekend. Joy.

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