Still didn’t get to sleep early last night, but at least I didn’t wake up screaming, so I’ll count that as a plus. Spent the bulk of the day testing shaders for compatibility. Then I had an email from a first party regarding something I had to add in a hurry, an hour after the build had been sent off. How not to be popular. Another vaguely nice day, so Sasha got a nice walk again. Walked to the gym, did Pump. Got glared at by a guy. He had eight fucking risers on his step, everyone else was down to four, and the cupboard was empty. I just took his step off and helped myself to four. He kind of gave me that look of ‘what the fuck are you doing?’. I gave him the look of ‘I don’t really give a fuck about my life so don’t think for a second I care much about yours.’ He declined to say anything and just put his mat back on the step. I really wasn’t in the mood. Walked home and sorted out this additional first party shit. Did another Sudoku puzzle, got it right this time. I’m thinking of not flying for a while, for the simple reason I want to save up some money for when the weather is good I can do a load of flights and take some people out. At the moment my currency is all over the place and I have to do a check flight every time it doesn’t rain, which at the moment isn’t very often.

And just to prove my mind is a little bit screwed, what popped into it earlier? ‘Glug-a-glug-tug’, it was a little boat with yellow floats that you could fill with water and it would go along in the bath. I’m sure my mother got rid of it, probably decided I was too old for it at twenty-six.

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