“Who the fuck are you?”, Welcome to my psychosis

So went to bed at a sensible time after a Camomile tea and some fruit cake. Watched an episode of ‘Air crash Investigation’ and felt extremely tired. So I didn’t take any pills or any alcohol. Didn’t go anywhere for about three hours. Imagine if you are extremely tired and yet your brain is still running at a million miles an hour, processing work, life, everything as if you were on speed. But your body isn’t able to support it. I eventually dropped off. I had the weirdest nightmare. I was in a house with strange people being hunted down. I woke up at about five AM screaming, ‘Who the fuck are you?’ about half a dozen times apparently. I then spent the next hour talking to the ceiling, apparently it didn’t answer back. Still started work vaguely on time. Working on the run-time side of my shader compiler, all mostly going to plan. Took Sasha out for a long walk. Went for a run in the light drizzle. Now watching CBB, can’t really decide if I’m going to watch it or not. So looking forward to sleep tonight, I’m going to get an answer out of that ceiling if it kills me, it actually stands a fairly good chance.

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