Bye, bye cherry tree

So once again had a fairly appalling nights sleep, but no screaming in the middle of the night. Started work late as I was knackered. Run-time shader work, not the most exciting thing in the world. Quite a nice day though, Sasha once gain got a nice walk. Worked until after 8PM and then went for a run. Went passed the old house, I already knew the Leylandii had been chopped down last week, but it was quite sad to see the cherry tree had now been chopped down as well. That was probably close to a twenty year old mature tree now. All it really needed was a good trim. That corner looks rather boring now. Still, time moves on, it’s not mine anymore. That whole road looks like a complete dump to be honest, it was a lovely place when I first moved in there. Looking forward to tonights screaming attack.

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