Apparently I’m not using my buttocks enough

Started this morning far too early. Drove to the gym and had physio. Didn’t even eat or have coffee. Before I went in I had to have a poo though, I don’t think I could have had my bits squeezed without a nasty surprise popping out. I was somewhat disappointed that she didn’t massage my areas again, but instead taught me a number of exercises I have to perform as apparently I’m not using my buttock muscles enough and this is putting severe strain on my ham-strings.

Drove back home and went back to bed now that I couldn’t move at all. Stayed there some considerable time. We eventually ventured out and went to Tesco’s. I hot out the car and had to stand still for quite some time in the middle of the road as I wasn’t going anywhere, severe pain shot through my leg. Came back and I took Sasha out for an hour. Then laid on the couch for a bit and had a bath. I imagine tomorrow will consist of more of the same, hopefully it may just drop off, and the leg.

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