Oh Eurovision, so shite yet eminently watchable

So Jamie and I did’t eat until gone midnight, then stayed up until gone 4AM watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Must admit, it was a good one. The hosts act at the end was an absolute classic. Scoring was much improved as well.

So got up this morning, okay, rephrase that, got up this afternoon. Jamie started clearing the kitchen. I had the coffee machine to fix. The water sensor hasn’t worked for ages. It’s a reed switch, so is magnetic. I decided just to swipe a powerful magnet down the side incase the switch had become magnetised, worked first time, saves taking that apart. We were thinking of doing a BBQ, but the forecast was all over the place and by the time we had started asking people we worked out that it would probably piss down and we didn’t actually have any food in anyway. So we took the dogs up to the field.

Came back and did some practice with a model helicopter. Then learnt a new song on the keyboard, long time since i’ve done that. Went out for a walk. Did the accounts and had a bath. Now sat down about to watch the Grand Prix highlights. Been a fun weekend, done a few bits. It’s also a non-drinking weekend, so I’m full of gas on alcohol free lager. I’m going to attempt Combat tomorrow, I’ll see how much I can do and always drop out if necessary, Laverne knows the score.

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