Priscilla Queen Of the Desert

Work today dragged, it was quite dull. Ended up waiting for a lot of data to sort itself out, then spent ages swapping video cards until I could find one I could reproduce a bug on. Finally got that sorted so I can start looking at it next week. Did a hell of a lot of research on the next task as well, which should be good fun anyway.

Walked Sasha for an hour. Finished work on time and then had a shower. We were being very ‘gay’ tonight and going to a musical. We saw ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’. It was good fun and a lesson in jamming about forty songs into two hours with virtually no plot and a set that looked like a school play. Still, the guy with the Kylie fetish was really quite fit. It was all kicking off in the audience though, several times during the first act the bloke came over to the row opposite and told a woman to shut the fuck up. During the interval the woman next to her was telling her to just not fucking sing. She got quite upset about being told to shut up and there was a bit of a barny. I’d quite happily tell her to shut the fuck up, I’d paid to see the actors, not some fucking fat trout with the voice of a road drill. They moved her and her entourage, hopefully to the road works on the M32.

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