What are you going to do with all that yogurt, do you have an infection?

Work was hellish (I’m still looking into stuff now as I’m just not happy with the current results). Another nice day, walked Sasha. Well tugged her around for an hour. Went for a run this evening and then back to work to christ knows when. Got a text from from mother, “You doing my shopping this week?”, is that a question or a demand. Anyway, I put her on speaker to Jamie and let him deal with it, it’s no different to speaking to any other annoying customer. She’s ordered an absolute shit load of yogurts, she have a yeast infection? She then asked when was I going to sort her car battery out, to which I answered, when you can afford to pay for it. She also complained that everything is cheaper in Iceland, I wish she’d fucking go there and get lost in a chest freezer, no doubt she’d wake up in ten years to piss me off after being cryogenically frozen with a bag of peas.

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