An awesome way to avoid paying a bridge toll

This morning actually started quite early which was surprising after the length of last nights film. ‘Interstellar’ was good, if somewhat very long and did descend into a bit of an ‘Abyss’ moment for the last forty-five minutes. Walked Sasha early for a couple of hours, had a quick lunch and then drove up to Staverton. Ben and I were flying down to Weston to the helicopter museum. Hotel-tango was still damaged so we had an old crate with lots of bits failing on it, but it did fly fine. Flew down the Wales side of the channel and then across the old Severn Bridge, which was a hell of a way to avoid a bridge toll. Then followed the M5 down to the museum. Easy place to land. We had a good look around for an hour and then headed back via the suspension bridge and Cribbs Causeway, also took in the old Filton airfield. A good 1.9 hours, so makes me much more current again. Got some really good video footage, so will edit that together over the coming week or so.

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